Please Read Before you Order

* Peak hours will take LONGER without notice. Thanks for your patience.

* Tuesdays - Walk-in & Call-in ONLY ; no delivery nor online order

Delivery Time

Pick Up:

  • Peak hours: At Least 25 min
  • Non-peak hours: 10 - 20 min
  • Delivery:

  • Peak hours: 40 min - More than 1 hour
  • Non-peak hours: 30 - 55 min
  • * Time may be less with shorter distances

    Typed Speical Requests (may incur extra charges without confirmations)

  • Price may be vary due to typed special requests. Will not inform you if extra charges are incurred.
  • Delivery would be served in order. In peak hours, the delivery time could be over 1 hour.
  • We DO NOT accept AMEX Credit Cards
  • Delivery Radius

    We deliver within 4 mile-radius. For some customers beyond this radius, please call us for further assistance.


    Please call us for further assistances. It is also welcome to contact us in person or by email at

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